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People Water is not a charity, nor a non-profit organization. We are a for-profit, cause-based business, that is committed to alleviating the global water crisis.

We're a double-bottom-line company. That means that we believe that success goes beyond just turning a profit. We feel we have a responsibility to make a positive impact on our world and community, and we should support businesses that create positive social outcomes.

At People Water, we measure success in two ways:

  1. As with any good business, we look to increase sales, improve margins.
  2. We also measure our success based on the amount of clean water we make available.

Fortunately, our two goals are interconnected: if we're successful with the first, we will be successful with the second.

Through our Drop for Drop initiative, we develop or restore new sources of clean water, either by drilling a new well, repairing an existing well, establishing a water purification system, or implementing new water-providing technologies.

An average well delivers approximately 1,000 liters of clean water a day. When a well is put into a community it changes everything. No more drinking dirty water, no more long exhausting walks for women and children, and most importantly, the people of the village can be healthier.

At People Water it doesn't matter to us whether we are building a new well or fixing a broken one. The only thing that matters is that PEOPLE are getting clean water and with that clean water a chance to live a better life. That's why we do what we do, and that's why we drink what we drink: People Water. So have a drink with us. And together let's change the world.


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