our commitment

At People Water it doesn't matter to us whether we are building a new well or fixing a broken one. The only thing that matters is that PEOPLE are getting clean water and with that clean water a chance to live a better life. That's why we do what we do, and that's why we drink what we drink.

Through our Drop for Drop initiative, we develop or restore new sources of clean water, either by drilling a new well, repairing an existing well, establishing a water purification system, or implementing new water-providing technologies.

When properly maintained, a well can last a very long time. However, they require regular maintenance, right now it is estimated that there are over 800,000 broken wells throughout the world.

Many wells breakdown simply because maintenance is not being performed or was simply not planned into the original project. People Water's model is built on the idea of sustainability. Because our Wells are supported through a for-profit business model, we are able to plan, repair and maintain wells consistently. Think of it as circular, something we like to call Good Karma!

Have a drink with us and together we will change the World one Drop at a time.


your water impacts their water

the impact of a well

An average well when properly maintained can deliver up to approximately 3,000 liters of clean water a day.

clean water

Many people suffer from diseases associated with lack of access to safe drinking water, and drinking dirty water accounts for a high number of hospital patients.

better hygiene

Investment in drinking water and sanitation will result in 272,000,000 more days of school each year.

always at hand

Women and children often have to make long exhausting walks to get water miles away.

healthier communities

When a well is put into a community it provides positive change. No more drinking dirty water, no more long exhausting walks for women and children, and most importantly, the people of the village can be healthier.

By providing PEOPLE clean water, we are able to help individuals in many areas of their lives. Once clean water is made available, children are much healthier and are able to go to school and stay in school. Communities as a whole do better financially because people are staying with their jobs or helping their families and not losing time fetching water or taking care of a sick child. The effect of clean water to a community is literally life changing.


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